Referral Links

Sharing links to tools I value and use often. Feel free to use my referral links. Note: I may receive a small commission if you sign up using my links.


  • Coda - A single canvas to combine notes, documents, data. Coda is my daily driver for organizing my thoughts, and collaborating on documents with others.

  • Superhuman - The best email client out there. Superhuman helps me stay on top of my email, and saves me time with its keyboard shortcuts and thoughtful design.

  • GSuite (now Google Workspace) - The Google Suite is a must have for any business. This referral link and the code below will get you 10% off your first year.

    For Google Workspace Business Starter, use code: C4XX37RXURVNYRA

    For Google Workspace Business Standard, use code: WCQTU9KJQEJ7RLL

Web Hosting

  • Netlify - The easiest way I have found to host HTML files (static sites) on the internet. I host this site and many more with Netlify’s services.

  • Railway - A modern successor to heroku. I use Railway for hosting any web service that’s not a static website. Based on Nixpacks, Railway has built a great platform for building and serving docker images in a deterministic and locally-testable deployments easy. They have great support for Python, Node, and Rust and many more languages.


  • Flighty - The best flight tracking app I have found. The app is thoughtfully designed. I track all of my upcoming flights with Flighty.

  • Roame - An efficient way to find award availability on flights. I use Roame to get the most of my credit card points and frequent flyer miles.

  • AwardHacker - Runner up. Another tool for finding routes that can be booked cheaply with points and miles. The tool is a bit slow, but the data is accurate.

  • AwardMapper - A tool for finding hotels that can be booked cheaply with points and miles. Great for planning an award trip around where specifically you want to stay within a city.